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"I just finished a session with Rod. I cannot believe the greatness he pulled out of me. I have homework, but that's okay. Hurry. Go. Rod's waiting for you."   

-Jully Black, Platinum-selling recording artist and Canada's Queen of R&B and Soul

"Hiring Rod has been one of the best things that I've done. I owe a lot of gratitude to him for getting me to where I actually am today. If you are looking for a coach, I strongly recommend hiring Rod. Hire Rod; he is the Indestructible Human, and I highly suggest you hire him as your personal life coach."

-Richie Keirouz, champion bodybuilder and physique competitor. Author of "Richbody: Making Time for Fitness" and featured in Inside Fitness Magazine.

"Rod’s Master Coach Practitioner class was excellent on many levels. His presentations are thoughtful and organized and he presents with great clarity. Rod’s passion for helping people is evident, particularly in his willingness to make himself available throughout the course for any questions or feedback. This course was inspiring and helped greatly in clarifying vision and giving direction to my coaching business. Thank you so much Rod! ."

-Sharon Beattie, Certified Master Coach Practitioner Student

"My instructor and my coach, Rod Macdonald, his dedication and his knowledge and the way he transferred his knowledge to us, with his examples, with all his experience,  it has been amazing. Thank you to Rod Macdonald and thank you to Healthy Wealthy and Wise."

-Monica Arango, Coach and Group Leader, Boost Your Potential, and Healthy Wealthy and Wise Client and Certified Master Coach Practitioner Student

"Hi, I'm Gabrielle Manski and I just finished the CCF Master Practitioner course, so if you're sitting on the fence about this one sign up today. It’s a great course that helps you with all the business skills you need to have a successful flourishing business. It also gives you an opportunity to focus and crystallize your vision to make you unique in the coaching business. The course this year is led by Rod Macdonald. Very clear and concise delivery of the course; I highly recommend it. Thank you"

-Gabrielle Manski, owner of Balanced Life Solutions and creator of the Manski Protocol.

"I just did a coaching session with Rod, and what I found that was very helpful, was giving me some clarity on vision and direction, so if you need some help with being clearer on what it is your business is doing and the direction you want it to go, I recommend you do a coaching session with Rod."

-Kevin Darby, Founder and CEO of DTS Fitness Education and co-owner of Stretch to Win Canada

"If you're looking for a speaker who truly cares about making a positive difference in the lives of your audience members, then you need to book my friend Rod Macdonald! Not only will Rod share great content, he will also inspire and empower your audience to achieve greater success!"

-James Malinchak, Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, "Secret Millionaire" & Founder, www.BigMoneySpeaker.com

"To listen to Rod Macdonald speak is to be at once captured in his physical presence and simultaneously galvanized into action, so powerful are his messages and clear his communication.  Just when you need a particular motivation the most, Rod has an uncanny way of delivering just that.  A session with him is not to be missed."   

-Tosca Reno, Best-selling author of the Eat-Clean Diet Series

"I had the pleasure to sit in the audience at conferences given by Rod and to be part of courses he conducted. Rod has a unique delivery style as he seems to merge with his audience or his clients and he adapts easily as he responds to who is in front of him. His personalised approach allows complex theoretical concepts to be understood with ease and understood with ease and he goes beyond just delivering content. He empowers and inspires us to take action. It is not even about what we learn specifically that makes Rod an outstanding speaker and coach. It is how he makes us feel and what he magically drives us to accomplish after a conference, a session or a training with him. He makes us feel indestructible!"

-Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, "Think Yourself" No.1 Best Selling Author, Life Coach, Speaker, DNA Life Coaching

"He walks the talk and his coaching and presentations are peppered with authenticity and relevance.  His powerful straight-talk inspires us to get up, believe in ourselves and work towards achieving our objectives and personal dreams.  Rod, each week, you pour your heart out to an eager, willing audience. Every one appreciates your memorable anecdotes and engaging, interactive style. And each time we meet, you definitely leave a lasting impression. Thanks for making a difference in our lives!"

-Murali Murthy, best-selling author of  The ACE Principle

"In the more than 10 years Rod and I have worked together to build a strong and multi-faceted corporate partnership, I have been repeatedly impressed with his big picture strategic thinking.  He is able to problem-solve complex issues through a granular understanding of the constructs, while always viewing the outcomes through the lens of the overall vision of the project or the company.  Perhaps most importantly, Rod’s passion for people and wellness, coupled with an admirable work ethic, sets a very high standard for quality leadership."

-Jake Rondot, Managing Director, Human Kinetics Canada

"Rod and I worked together for almost 11 years. My first week working with Rod, we attended a meeting with a supplier. The supplier was performing poorly and not meeting expectations. I was anticipating an angry confrontation with threats, raised voices and accusations. Instead, Rod quietly and calmly spoke the truth. It was powerful! Through all the time I worked with Rod, I was learning not only about business or operations but also about life and people. He is inspiring, funny and brilliant!! I consider myself lucky to know him and to have worked with him."

-Pam Nadeau, Conference Operations Manager (retired)

"In my opinion Rod is an exceptionally talented speaker who has the innate talent to engage more than 4,000 people as if he was having a chat with his closest friends. His enthusiasm, energy and passion is infectious to anyone who has the privilege to be in his audience."

-Ryan Hogan, CEO of the Australian Fitness Network

"I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Rod since 2003. He is one of the most committed, articulate, knowledgeable, thoughtful and reliable people I've had the privilege to be associated with. High integrity, great listener and results oriented include more of Rod's attributes. If you are seeking to achieve personal excellence, personally or professionally, connect with Rod."

-Jennifer Clarkson, Director, Health & Education at National Speakers Bureau & Global Speakers Agency

“Rod is a business development visionary that knows instinctively the best and most efficient method or course to create new business opportunities and growth not only for Canfitpro but for all of the affiliated companies that he works with. He has had 100% follow through on all projects that I have had the pleasure to work with him on, especially working with me on the launch of the Zumba Fitness brand in Canada. It is truly an honor to work with him and call him my friend.”

-Petra Robinson, Fitness Industry Adviser & Trade Show Productions at Zumba Fitness LLC


“Throughout the years Rod has proven his ability to be a leader, a visionary and a trusted colleague. His passion for the industry shines through and is a positive model for those working with and for him.”

-Lori D. Longwell, VP Sales at Fitness Business Canada

"Rod has been and continues to be great to work with. He is very professional and has lots of inspired ideas for working together to improve both businesses."

-Wendy Morley, Publisher at Q-Avenue.com, Q&S Publishing

Event delegate testimonials


“Rod Macdonald is an excellent educator-he presents the information in a very clear and organized manner. This was an exceptional workshop... the best workshop by far!! Thank you!”


“Best class so far, excellently done, well communicated. Very practical, I will start using the information immediately”


“A wonderful, inspiring presenter filled with knowledge.”


“Excellent presentation”


“Awesome presenter-Awesome content.”


“It was clear, simple, and very interesting.”


“Great, dynamic speaker. Motivational, professional and entertaining.”


“Great presentation on all points.”


“Rod is always very inspiring and knowledgeable”


“Excellent presentation, very motivating and confidence building.”


“Well presented, concise, precise and interesting.”



“Rod is a great speaker-motivational & inspiring-great session!”

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