What is coaching?

Coaching is the magic that happens when, as a client, you are given the opportunity to reveal your deepest dreams and goals and then have me, as your coach, there to encourage you and strategize with you on how to achieve them.


As coaches, we assume that if you can envision your dreams, you have the potential to make them happen, but in the past have not figured out the strategy to get there. 


My job is to both help you reveal your dreams, but be the one person who will keep you accountable towards them. As a coach I will be:

  1. Your champion: I will be there working with you to make your dreams happen.
  2. Your cheerleader: I will cheer you on as you take the steps towards your dreams.
  3. Your enforcer: I will keep you accountable to accomplishing the steps you need to take towards your dreams.

I customize my approach to your specific dreams and desires. Our time together will be based on a continuous process of assessment, goal setting, action steps and back to assessment. 

The Indestructible Human Coaching Program

When you work with me as your coach, you not only get over 30 years of experience in health and personal development, you get the insights gained from coaching, teaching, and training thousands of people.


As your coach, I can offer you unparalleled levels of support and content in multiple areas of your life. The Indestructible Human Coaching Program is not about making you perfect, it is about you becoming your best, no matter what has happened to you in the past.


Together, we will chart a NEW path for you to create a newer, better version of you for where you are now and where you want to go.

What coaching is NOT

Coaching is NOT counselling, psychology, or psychiatry. The difference between those disciplines and coaching is that coaching focuses on what you want and how to get there. Those other disciplines are appropriate choices if you are working on some kind of trauma incurred as a child, or a condition that requires medication. 


Coaching is also not a shoulder to cry on. You have friends and family members for that. The only tears I want you to see are the tears of joy when you achieve everything you've ever wanted to achieve. 


I am dedicated to supporting you in acknowledging and then setting aside the emotions that may be holding you back, recognize obstacles, and create a strategy that will result in you achieving what you want.

Why did I choose to be a coach?

I have always been fascinated by human behaviour combined with my primary, ever-present question of, "How can I make this situation better?"


Together with decades of experience helping and supporting people be their best, coaching is truly a calling for me. I love the experience of getting to know someone and uncovering what their deepest dreams are and watching it happen.


As a coach, I don't do the work for you, I help you identify the obstacles that are in your way and then support you as you move them aside, so you can easily get to what you want in life. 

Types of coaching

One-One Coaching

Through the Indestructible Human Coaching Program and with complete dedication to you as an individual, we will work together to:

  1. Identify what you want: You might be surprised that whatever your goal is, it is often covering another, deeper goal that you may not even know exists. Let's discover it together.
  2. Massively increase your confidence: The process I use will eliminate the fear that has been holding you back and replace it with the confidence you need to achieve your goals easily.
  3. Develop a plan: Your plan will fit your life, your schedule, and take into consideration all the other priorities that you have including family, work, and other pursuits.

Group Coaching

Through the Indestructible Human Coaching Program, group coaching is a powerful option for many coaching clients including:

  1. Groups of clients that share the same goal.
  2. Groups of clients that share complementary goals.
  3. Groups of clients from the same company, sports team, or family.
  4. Groups of clients that are friends.

Business and Leadership Coaching

Through the Indestructible Human Coaching Program, the highest-performing companies use corporate coaching to support the growth of their employees including everyone from entry-level team members to top leaders. The reasons include:

  1. Effectiveness: Corporate coaching is the fastest way to achieve massive change and success from individuals.
  2. Affordability: It is less expensive than old-fashioned training programs and the time out of the office require.
  3. Hyperfocus: The nature of coaching ensures that I am entirely hyperfocused on the success of the person I am working with to the benefit of the business for whom they work.

When you combine coaching with the training you are already offering your team, you move from 22% to 88% productivity increase! (source: International Personnel Management Association). 


In the same way, you might hire a dance teacher to speed up your ability to salsa or merengue, the smartest executives use coaching to dramatically speed up their own learning and the productivity of their team.

Rod will coach you with certainty and enthusiasm to ignite your desire for change.

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