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Rod Macdonald
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Ask Tonic’s Coach Jan/Feb 2021 Your time to shineBy Rod Macdonald, Certified Coach Practitioner and Tonic’s Resident CoachQ: “So much has changed in my life over the last year and I feel like I am stuck. How can I get unstuck and make progress towards my goals?”-Finlay A: Finlay, the feeling of being stuck is more common than ever, especially with so much out of our control. However, one of the things we can do is focus on what we can control and make the kinds of changes that move us closer and closer to what we actually want. Ask yourself the following questions and the answers should help you create some movement to begin the process of getting you unstuck: 1. What do you really need and want? Getting clear about what you need and want is an important first step. Without a destination in mind, it is almost impossible to get there. 2. What do you control between where you are and where you want to be? Focusing on what you can control and letting go of what you can’t is important to manage where you put your energy. Otherwise, you spend your valuable energy on things that cannot change.3. What has worked in the past? You probably have faced challenges before, so what worked before may work again.4. Who can help? Surround yourself with people that want to help and support you. 5. Who can you help? Helping others often helps us get a better perspective on our own challenges. 6. What makes you happy? Doing things that make you happy will give you the energy to get through the tough times.7. Are you eating well? Good nutrition optimizes your energy and health compared to poor nutrition.8. Are you sleeping well? Getting good sleep is critical to your overall wellbeing.9. What are you watching? Reduce or eliminate negative information that comes in via tv, radio, or internet.Finlay, you will get unstuck, so keep doing the things that support that and stop doing the things that don’t. Before you know it, you will have achieved your goals and be on to even bigger goals.-------------------------Combining over 30 years in the field of self-development, Rod is the CEO of the Certified Coaches Federation, one of the largest coach education companies in the world, and a speaker, coach and author. For more information on the Certified Coaches Federation, visit Want to ask Tonic’s Coach a question? Send a brief email to describing your challenge in 50 words or less, and one question will be selected per issue.

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